Help with Pitch and Roll Tuning

I have am using the believer rc plane with an AUW of about 10.5 Lbs. I am still having a bit of difficulty getting some of the tunings correct. I believe my COG is perfect however one problem I have when flying in auto is that the plane will climb and descend over and over again throughout the mission. It will climb 10-20 feet higher than the flight path then down to 15-20 lower and it repeats. Also it seems to be roll seems to be off too. I am attaching my telemetry logs. Can anyone tell me if they look normal or?
My PID’s right now are…
on pitch P= 0.9 I= 0.10 D= .02
on the roll P= 1.0 I= 0.15 D= .02
Any help appreciated.



A 360 mb log is not easy to handle , next time , a smaller one would be welcome .

Did you try the autotuning ?
For roll , you have to raise your roll P and accordingly I and D while pitch looks good to me.

About altitude in your 2 hours flight the max delta is 30 feet , not so bad .
If you look at a glance the entire flight it looks like the altitude is not holded well

But if you look a smaller part , it seems better

Since pitch tuning seems ok, you should work on TECS tuning to improve altitude .

Thank you, sorry about the file size, I need to cut back on the bitmask logging parameters.