Help with 'MAV Errors'?

I see status ‘MAV Errors’ when running Copter in the SITL.


How can I find out more detail what these are?

The “MAV Errors” is the number of corrupted or unreadable MAVLink messages received.

Use the --show-errors option when starting MAVProxy to display more details about the corruption.

Thanks. How is this statement invoked while in the SITL, or do I need to execute a separate command? I tried adding it to the statement but no luck. Or is there a command to use once in the SITL?
I tried adding it to a statement but had a link down issue which I haven’t figured out as it used to work.

Use: --mavproxy-arg="--show-errors"

I used it and it executed ok, but then how do I see the 12 errors it was reporting? Is it supposed to be in a list? thx

The errors will appear in the console as they are found:

Many thanks Stephen. Always learning from your help.

btw, I tried searching --mavproxy-arg=" to see how else it can be used to reveal information, but didn’t find much. Is there more that it can be used for?

The --mavproxy-arg="xxx" can be used to pass arguments directly to MAVProxy. Full list at Startup Options — MAVProxy documentation