Help with log from Autotune Crash

I could use some help analyzing a log. I fly a Streak 800 hex with Maytech ESC and Sunnysky 4112 400kv motors. Has always flown great and has very little vibration and is well balanced. I have the APM 2.6 and 3.1 firmware, and thought I would try the Autotune to see what changes would be made. I got it into a steady hover in stabilize with hands off the sticks, switched to Althold at about 15-20’ up. Within a second or 2 I flipped the 2pos switch to Autotune. As soon as I did, it banked hard left at about 70deg and hit the ground hard on the left side before I could recover. Busted 2 tubes so a rebuild is in progress. I am posting the log (changed the .log to .txt) and would appreciate some help in determining what went wrong. I verified before and after the crash that Autotune was asigned to switch 7. Thanks in advance!

I had a look at this - I’m not very familiar with teh autotune code. It looks like it only completes the first move on the roll axis - doesn’t reach the required 20degrees (as expected on the first roll), so updates the gains and just after that autotune is turned off and the roll just continues. Do you remember turning autotune off?