Help with how to turn APM for custom Frames

Hello All

I have designed a custom hexa frame where the arms are not equally spaced.

The two front arms are wider apart than the other four, the other four are equaly spaced.

I think that this will cause an issue if the APM is not told where the motors are positioned, as if they all work at the same rate the wider two would have more authority than the others?

Where do i start looking to be able to add in these instruction.

I know that some off the shelf systems, ie DJI Naza you are not able to adjust these settings

Any help would be most welcome

You’ll need to modify the hexacopter motor mapping and then upload the code yourself using Arduino.
it’s not super hard to modify the code, in those add_motor functions you just provide the angle from the center-of-gravity to the motor (0 = forward, 90 = directly right of the COG, etc). the 3rd argument is which way the motors spin, the 4th argument is the testing order…so in the cli we have a motors test that spins the motors one at a time starting from the front motor…so that last parameter just tells this motor test which order to spin the motors in.