Help with flight log

Need help with flight log
built a hex with a mRo pixhawk 2.4.6 FC, for an internet provider to do tree surveys
It is flying a microwave antenna with wifi to ground station

This was there pilot’s first flight with new drone
any info would be much appreciated (794.3 KB)

This is an earlier flight log

Thank You

Some observations:
Tuning is poor. Actual pitch and roll are not tracking desired pitch and roll well at all. Oscillation/overshoot.
It could be under-powered or unbalanced. 2 of the motor outputs are maxed out at times.

What size is this Hex?

680mm 13" props, 16000mah,
I have been flying it for a couple of weeks with some GPS glitch I thought maybe coming from radio interference.
I think the battery may have not been tight and shifted
I will post another flight log from a previous flight.

Post one with some stationary hovering.

BTW-This is really the wrong thread for the post. AC 3.4 is very old and you are using close to latest Stable.

Thanks for the help, Dave.
Here it is hovering this was a longer test flight with both antennas powered and working.
Will try and move or repost this right thread.

Thanks again

The Dropbox folder is empty.