Help with Drone Crash Analysis

Good day,

My drone crashed over the weekend and need help with viewing the log of the flight. There were no interference or warnings on the app while I was flighting. The crash happened while RTL to home, it look like the drone stopped for a split second and just fall out off the sky. Its a 350mm size drone with Radiolink MiniPix V1.0ii Flight cantroller 4.0.3.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Vida29er

It seems that the ESC or motor 2 was faulty. In the image you can see that the PWM of motor 2 went to max while motor 1 went to minimum to compensate.

Thanks David, wonder way that could of happen? It was my 2nd flight for the day.

Maybe a bad motor or ESC, a bad solder point or broken cable… have you seen some damage on those parts?

I will check every thing again, there were no damage after the crash that I have pick up. The drone has over 4h flight time.