Help With Config

Feeling kind of stupid at this point. New to QGroundControl Pixhawk etc.

Made my way through a good portion of the config effort (all went smooth) and trying to calibrate ESC’s. ESC calibration, when instructed to hook up battery I am getting a ‘dangerously low battery’ warning when I know for a fact (via meter) battery is 16.5V.

Using latest hardware kit from Holybro. Pixhawk 4 along with Pixhawk 4 GPS Module.

Now am getting sounds from all ESC’s as well. Any thoughts?

My guess would be that you dont’ have Power config set up such that the vehicle itself is reading correct voltage. You probably need to calibrate your power multiplier thing.

Well that seemed to work as ESC calibration said it worked.

Now testing motors and getting ‘Motor test command not supported’

If you are running PX4 Pro firmware I think that is only on newest firmwares. Not sure if it’s out in a stable yet or not.