Help with checking my log and parameters if it's all set correct


I have done a autotuned over the weekend after a complete rebuild of my drone. All went well and fly’s great again! I have change a lot of setting to get it as perfect as possible, would like to get as good as I can get it with the help of you guys that have more experience in tuning. Attached is my log file, PID Tune and Parameters.

My setup:
4 x 3508-580kv
4 x Racerstar RS30A Blheli_S
1355 Carbon Propellers
480mm Cross Motor Dimension
FC Radiolink Mini Pix V1.0ii Firmware 4.0.3
8500mah 4S Lipo Battery
Weight is with battery 2.3kg
Skydroid T10 Remote
Parameter List 04-07-2020.param (17.5 KB) (17.5 KB)

If you haven’t already followed this wiki, that’d be the next step I took. There’s a very active thread on tuning it.

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your Roll PIDs are very low for a copter in this size
could you upload a log with at the least 1min hover ?

I will make one this afternoon, I’m not home at the moment.

OK , you have noise problem
looking at your DesPitch, Pitch and DesRoll, Roll you can see noise on gyroscope

and RATE values show it better

to resolve this problem first check for hard wires or anything cloud transfer vibration from body to FC because your vibration is a little bit high

second check for twisted arms your CCW motors are working harder

after all revert back PID values to default and do harmonic notch filtering then run autotune again

Good Luck to finishing this config

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Filters at zero are a bit strange :slight_smile:

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Yes I should have clarified as hosein did that you need to set up the notch filters, and then do another autotune.

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Thanks, we have some heavy rain for the 2 days to come will do the tuning over the weekend and post the results when I’m done.

How is your flight controller mounted to your frame? Might be a good idea to try some of this or something similar.

Hi Vosair

I have installed it in a 3d printed box and stick it to the lid with thick double sided tape.

Ok so here is my new tune. it was a little windy this morning.

i still think that those FILT at zero are strange.

again low PIDs on roll and its a poor tune
you can see this poor tune and noise on RATE values

also still you didn’t physically balance your copter
with this RCOUT values you will never get an good autotune result

first physically balance your copter
then complete tuning process instruction (every step is important)
and finally configure harmonic notch filtering