Help with Channel 6, 7 & 8 Assignment

Hi, I am all tapped out, and confused!

I have a standard Consumer Iris with No Gimbal attached and stock parameters that actually show a gimbal tilt assigned to RC channel 6 using Pot P3 via RC9 Auxiliary output. I read about gimbal control on Channel 6 using P3. So I connected a standard RC servo to RC9 (Gimbal Tilt control) expecting P3 to control it. NADA, nothing not even a slight movement. I Googled everything I could find and I cannot find a way to control a simple servo using channels 6, 7 or 8.

I can get channels 7 and 8 to work for RTL and any other mode using the switches as per ArduCopter info I found so I know things are OK.

Can someone PLEASE help me get this to work. I simply want to control a servo from one of the spare channels on the radio.


AFAIK not possible yet but coming in one of the next releases of APM:Copter. Keyword “RC passthru”.

Any Idea when? Everyone I speak to would LOVE to have this flexibility.

On a side note is development working on >8 Channel Support?


I think Shok got what he needed, but for everyone else, here’s a cross-link of the solution: … 42&page=41