Help with Black Magic Probe to Debug Ardupilot code


I am trying to setup the Black Magic Probe to do JTAG debugging with a Pixhawk. I have been going through tutorial on both the places.

Problem is that I am unable to detect a target board when using GDB. Using Eclipse, it complains about the board not being found in boards.txt. I have tried with GDB on both Ubuntu and Windows(using mingw32) and with Eclipse on Windows.

It would be great if someone can tell me how to setup the hardware and the software required for this process. This would help a lot in understanding where I am going wrong.

FYI, I have been following these tutorials : … e-eabi-gdb


I was able to finally figure out the debugging using GDB with Mingw32, in Windows. I had to install the newer version of arm-none-eabi-gdb instead of the default one that comes with the PX4 toolchain. I also had to do attach to the SWD instead of the JTAG.

I would still like to know how to do this on the Eclipse. I have changed the init commands to match the SWD but still running into issues where it cannot run the executable or complains about the binary file. I do have both the .px4 and elf file created using make for Pixhawk.


Same issue, trying to use the Magic Black Probe with eclipse under windows 7

came across this[]=jtag

do you think it can help?