Help with Ardusoar!

I have a question regarding ardusoar. It appears I uploaded an older version like 3.4 from Github. I now have a Cube Orange and want to know if the latest revision of Arduplane has this Ardusoar fork built in. I feel like it’s somewhat difficult to keep up with firmware related news and procedures. I also just generally need help from anyone who has successfully experimented with soar. I have “kind of” got it working on a multiplex cularis without an airspeed sensor, enabling the synthetic airspeed parameter. I never quite got that plane flying well so I abandoned it until just a few days ago when I enabled the soar function on an FMS Fox 3000. I want to dabble in “pulse and glide” or “climb and glide” to see how it affects overall range in auto missions. Ideally, it would be nice to optimize it for high altitude thermalling as well, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

Anyways, what altitude should I set my waypoints? Right above the motor cutoff altitude? While it worked on my cularis, my fox stalled as it seemed to try continuing to the auto waypoint altitude with motor off which I thought is not how this program works. Should the waypoints be set 5 feet abov motor cutoff alt?

Lastly, I need someone’s expertise on the optimization of parameters such as Soar_Polar_K. I arrived at 80 to 100 for my model which seems a bit off.