Help with alternative orientation

Hi all,

Has anyone used the “Alternative orientations” (here) with the Matek H743 slim?

I just bought a ALZRC x360. I am trying to figure out where to mount it. It seems like the best place would be to mount it to the side of the frame. I was thinking about using the Pitch90Roll90. That should point the arrow on the board up with the top of the board to the right. Can anyone confirm this for me?

Has anyone had any issues with using AHRS_ORIENTATION?


Does anyone have experience with AHRS_ORIENTATION?

I have oriented by CUAV v5 sideways on the frame so I believe the orientation was roll 90. However I don’t think that I actually set the orientation. I left it as the default and let the calibration determine the orientation. However I just read the wiki and it says to set the orientation before conducting the calibration. So then you should set the orientation.

I believe you’re correct. so after you perform the calibration then check your angular rates, attitudes and accelerations.
the positive directions are
Pitch angle (ATT.Pitch) and rate (IMU.gyrY)- up
Roll angle (ATT.Roll) and rate (IMU.gyrX) - right
Heading (ATT.Yaw) and Yaw rate (IMU.gyrZ)- right

longitudinal (fore/aft) (IMU.accX) - push forward
Lateral (left-right) (IMU.accY) - push right
vertical (IMU.accZ) - push down

It is always good to check that these look correct especially if you have a non-standard orientation.

Thanks for the help and where to check! :slight_smile:

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Hi @dpcsar ,

I set the orientation and then check the correct response by the MP by displaying the attitude and its changes when I move the FC.




Where to can I see the parameters in MP?

@dpcsar I would set the log_disarmed parameter to enable logging with the aircraft disarmed. Then cycle power to your aircraft and go through each of the axes methodically moving the aircraft in the positive direction. At the end you can turn off the log disarmed parameter and power off your aircraft. Pull the log and view the responses in mission planners log viewer. Each of the messages that I’ve described above with the appropriate signals will be on your right. you’ll just have to expand the message to see each of the signals that I specified.

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