Help with 3 pin buzzer/beeper/light

Okay I need some help, and really hate to ask, but can’t find the answer.
I have of these: Buzzer
Running on a Mamba H743
I want to map it to a switch so I can beep it, and also have it scream when power is lost (aka battery ejected)

I’ve read every forum post and documentation I can find about buzzers. I can not make the thing work. Can someone please give me some direction.
Is it just not a normal buzzer to have? I read the LUA script stuff, but why does this need that much complication?

You could attach to a motor output and use the ALARM servo function

Thanks Andy,
From you other comments here:

I never did understand how to get say motor output S6, to channel say 11 on a radio.
How do I get those to talk?

Ok if you really want it controlled by a radio you will need to use a relay output. Mark the servo output as GPIO and then select that pin for RELAY2 say. You can then assign an RC switch to RELAY2.