Help with 2.5.2 Rover

I am not new to RC or Microcontrollers etc but I am completely new to the GPS portion of all this and the APM/Ardu pilot hardware/software. Long story short I bought what I thought was an APM 2.6 with Neo 6 gps/compass. What I got was a 2.5.2 with Neo 6 compass. So I cut the little place between the two solder pads as was advised on the APM Rover site.

I can get everything hooked up I get GPS armed and locked etc. Manual mode runs great but as soon as I flip the switch to auto for a planned mission, the rover just starts spinning in circles. This is technically a skid steer although I don’t have it set up that way in mission planner. I have the Motor controller running the mixing for the wheels. So far it has been the only way that I can make manual mode with throttle and turning work with the right stick on the RC Controller.

My set up is using:
[list=]APM 2.5.2
Ublox Neo 6 GPS/Compas.
Spektrum AR610 receiver.
Spektrum DX6i Transmitter
Sabertooth 2x60 Motor controller set for RC Mixing.
2 - 24v wheelchair motors.

Arduino Mega (For later use)[/list]

Later I plan on adding telemetry etc.

This is a heavy rover with lots of metal(ok all metal) but I made sure my temporary mount for the compass is at least 6" away from any metal.

Where am I going wrong here? If manual mode works shouldn’t the auto mode? Again please be patient with me I am new to this portion and I greatly appreciate any help I can get. It took me several days of trying to ask for assistance. The end goal here is to have this thing follow me around but for now I just want to program a few points for it to go to and then come back.

Try checking the “reverse” box next to the Aileron (Roll) bar in the transmitter calibration screen.

Try checking the “reverse” box next to the Aileron (Roll) bar in the transmitter calibration screen.
TCIII AVD[/quote]

I will try it for sure but wont that reverse my manual control as well? The manual control is working as it is supposed to. Or is that setting separate from out?

Its not doing circles anymore so thank you very much for that. Now it is doing a dog wag as It attempts to find the 1st waypoint it looks like but never does then just gives up and stops. Switching it back to manual mode and waiting a minute then back to auto does the same thing. If you switch back too fast it doesnt do anything.

I have 5 points in my mission.
Loiter 5 seconds at Waypoint3
Return to Launch (I assume this means go home)

Gotta figure out the dog wag, if I keep tearing up the grass I am going to get mutilated. :laughing:

You only use the transmitter channel reversing function on the R/C Transmitter for the Manual Mode.
You need to experiment with the NAVL1_PERIOD and NAVL1_DAMPING parameters.
Higher NAVL1_PERIOD values will reduce the snaking on the straights, but the turns will not be as smooth.
Try working with the STEER2SRV parameters.
Try D at .005, I at .4 and P at 1.0 to 2.
What is your Waypoint Radius parameter?
How far apart are you waypoints?