Help understanding log file

Attached is a log file of a flight in which the drone did not stay in place while in POS HOLD. You can see that the position according to the GPS is very different from the possition used by the drone. The actual position was closer to the GPS.

What happened there?

1 - What is the meaning of ERR GPB?
2 - Is it possible the increase the font size in the log browser? It is very difficult to read the error mesages…

2018-03-31 13-18-06.bin (641.8 KB)

So far to my knowledge,I can say GPS won’t give high accuracy it is meter level accuracy unlike RTK which is cm level accuracy.

Let me check you log.

EKF detected some GPS glitches, I do not know what you mean by “ERR GPB”
your crazy high vibrations (especually Z) could be confusing EKF a bit too…

Thanks for the replies.
@Andre-K - what software tool did you use to generate the plot?
The error message Im getting when viewing the log file using the log browser in the mission planner is “ERR: GPB-2”

“APM Planner 2” , aka AP2 , the one and only best for analysis. :slight_smile: