Help understand why my copter crashed

Hi all,

I suffered a crash yesterday with my copter and I’d like to know what happened. I’ve looked inside my log but I didn’t notice anything. I was in flight and suddently my copter did like a flip as you can see in the log with big roll angle. One thing I find strange it’s an big volt fall on Bat.volt but maybe it’s just when my copter did the flip and the motor took lot of power ? When the copter flip it’s like the motor gone to the maximum

Here is my log if anyone can help me or guided me to understand what happened it would be nice :slight_smile:
Log bin file

Hello, we experienced today a similar issue. Did you get the point?
Thank you

You’ll need to describe your copter and provide a .bin log file, there’s no way to guess

Hi Simon
it’s been quite some time without anyone answering - hope you figured out the problem.
Seems to have been a motor or ESC issue, probably motor 6. Voltage drops as current goes much higher than normal and motor 6 is commanded to greater output. Other motor outputs are up and down trying to maintain stability.
Vibrations also went way up before losing stability and falling, so it could have been a prop failure or similar.

I agree with Mr. Shawn.
It’s better to test your combination (ESC and motor) on a test bench with the same propeller to check if it will be able to carry your platform weight.

Yep @xfacta I also think I had a motor or esc issue.

@MohammedAbdallah87 this is a good idea to do a bench test, but how can I create a bench test for my esc motor propreller?