Help Tuning a Large Quad


I recently finished a large quad build (Tarot X4, 24in Props, 6s LiPo, 320kv Tarot Motors), and it has been very difficult to get it flying reliably. I started off with default parameters, which were flyable yet very unstable. As such, I tried autotune but the first try pummelled the drone into the ground from 10m height after the first axis completed, and the second attempt did the same, albeit earlier and lower. I’ve spent the last few days trying to manually tune it, yet have gotten nowhere near stable - it can’t even loiter properly! I’ve never had to tune a large quad before, and am reaching the end of my abilities, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Log: GDrive


Sorry, your ESCs and motors can’t cope with the torque needed to properly accelerate a 24 inch prop. That’s the realm of 12S and under-200kV motors.
At 6S and 320kV probably 18-inch props are the sweetspot. 20-inch is doable, as long as you fly in perfectly calm weather. I wouldn’t bother if I wanted a dependable multicopter.

That’s interesting, it would make sense that the quad is more responsive on smaller props. However, the manufacturer recommends these props on a 6s configuration (Link) and they were purchased in a bundle, so it would surprise me if they were fundamentally incompatible. Apart from switching to smaller props, do you have any other advice?

Keep your P gains = I gains for initial manual tuning.

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I have the same frame with the 4114 320KV motors with the 1760 props. Let us know what works for you. I have mine very stable but having some learning hiccups with roll and pitch tuning here.