Help tune my boat...Slow turn response

Help tune my boat… I have tried different sets of PID parameters and other related parameters I have seen on the forum. However, I still can’t tune my boat properly. The boat knows perfectly where it should go however its response to the autopilot/desired PID is slow. I think it is the reason why my boat is not able to go straight properly it always turn to compensate for over-steering and under-steering because of the slow response.

However, when I do manual mode. It works perfectly.
What should I do? Thank you
Help me please

gv5.param (12.9 KB)

Post a .bin log. That would give people something to look at and give advice.

Thank you for the response. Here is the .bin file.

Thank you for the response. Here is the .bin file.

Try an auto mission. Your cruise speed is very low and throttle max also. Is this vectored steering or water jet like thing plus rudders?

The boat needs to be that slow, around 0.1 to 0.2m/s. My throttle max is also low because of the motor heat, however if that’s the problem I will adjust it. It is vectored thrust based on a water jet. Thank You

I have no experience with a boat that slow and am concerned that GPS will give bad data and cause EKF problems. There may be a way that the EKF can be tuned for this but I can’t help.

However, what parameters should I change regarding the speed of the response of the boat? In acro mode, I observed that it takes around 3-5 seconds before it goes fully towards the desired.

Also, what’s the slowest speed that you have experience of?

Thank you very much for your response

Also, when in auto mode or guuded mode, the boat zigzags towards the waypoint specially when the waypoint is on the left or right of the boat. What parameter do you think would help solve this?

The boat is 2ft wide x 4ft long

1 M/S is the slowest I have run missions. Post a .bin log of the auto run

I will post it once I finished downloading the logs.

May I know what parameter of the boat should be set to compensate for oversteering?

Thank you!

That’s hard to say. A video with a log would be super good. I did notice a D term and strange filter setting in your ATC_STR parameters.

May I know how big your boat is? Is it possible to have a copy of your parameters? your parameters might have a better and satisfactory performance in my boat

Thank you

It’s 4 foot long and 2 feet wide. Weighs about 18 -20 pounds. I don’t have a current parameter list handy at the moment.

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What a coincidence, 2ft x 4ft. I am really hoping that you can share your boat parameters. It would really a big help, at least I know where to start. Thank You!

The boat is 4 ft long and 2 ft wide as well. May I know if your boat employs skid steering or thrust vectoring or rudder+prop?

I usually use thrust plus Ackerman steering. Every now and then I use differential plus Ackerman. But I cruise at 1.25 M/S and have a top speed of almost 3. It’s very nimble if I need it to be. I don’t really think the parameters would be the same.