Help to solve crash (video included)

I have TBS discovery type frame with 2 axis gimbal and gopro 3 camera. Everything was OK, i also did autotune earlier this day and it was flying perfect.
Later that day i thought i make another FPV flight but once i took off my quad was uncontrollable. It was spinning to right and only command it seemed to receive was throttle. Notice that camera is on 2 axis gimbal so it doesn’t show actual tilt angle from video.
Can anyone get some useful info from log file and help to figure it out?

Yesterday i changed props to 11x4,7 (since i broke my 10x5 during crash) and it worked ok during test flight - no odd behavior. But obviously i’m afraid to fly it since i have no idea what caused it to go out of control.

The copter was doing the right thing (cutting the counterclockwise motors to attempt to counteract the clockwise rotation). There must be something physically wrong.

Is it possible to tell by looking RCout logs what motor/esc was problematic?