Help to identify if Esc or Motor (or both) is failling

Hello, I need help to identify what is failling in my copter, its a hexa which has been used for more thann 300 hours of flight and now it is showing failure on RC01.

The picture below was its last flight in auto mode, something has failled and as you can see at YAW, it starts to spin and only stopped when landed (crash)

As you can see, it started to spin after RCout01 went to minimum value.

After this I did some tests and nothing happens until today, I heard one motor locking, it was like a eletrical discharge (just the noise), after this the copter went to left just for milisec and I did land.

The copter flew for 2 minutes and then this happen, the curious thing is, RCout01 in hexa X is the right motor, if this motor stopped, how could it flew to left? In my head if this motor stopped it should fly to right, thats why I’m as for help to identify the problem.

*All motor are identical, spinning freely, nothing locking.

All logs are here: Esc/motor Failling - Google Drive

No, it’s showing failure on RCout2 in both cases. When there is a loss of thrust that output is commanded higher. And then the opposite arm RCout1 drops to attempt stability. Classic case. Hard to say if it’s and ESC or a Motor.

Now I undertand Dave, as always you have the answer. @dkemxr

Is there a way to test only the motor? Couse esc is easy, I have a spare here and I will replace, but motor I dont have.

I will check the wires and replace to esc, hope is there a way to check motor and make sure that is not the motor.