Help to get Telematics from Durandal to TX16S

I am trying to get telemetry data from my Durandal through a RadioMaster 161 receiver to a TX16S.

I am using ArduCopter 4.06. I have connected the TX pin in the Telem1 connector to the S.Port wire of the receiver.

I have set SERIAL1_PROTOCOL to 23, SERIAL1_OPTIONS to 7, and RSSI_TYPE to 3.

Ive set the transmitter to discover new sensors, and it now gives me GPS coordinates, as well as TRSS, TQly, RSSI, RxBt, but no accelerometer/gyro/Baro info.

Ive tried setting RC_OPTIONS to 8 as suggested in the wiki
Ive also tried setting SERIAL1_PROTOCOL to 10 which is also suggested elsewhere in the wiki.

Does anyone have suggestions on what else I can try?


There is a Durandal fix on 4.0.7 stable. You might want to try that.

All the H7s I know of can’t do the duplexing part. They can invert the TX and RX OK, but internal duplexing doesn’t work.
So you’ll need to add a simple diode, like 1N4001, between TX and RX from Durandal, and use SERIAL_OPTIONS 4 iirc ( duplex unchecked ).
I forgot which way the diode goes and if TX or RX goes to the S-Port pin on the receiver. You’ll have to experiment yourself. :wink:
You can’t break anything. It’s 4 possible combinations, and telemetry will work instantly once stuff is in correct place.
Tested working on Orange Cube and CUAV Nora.

Try using Yaapu Telemetry instead.

Thanks, but the issue is the telemetry data isnt getting as far as the radio for Yaapu to read

Thanks. Ive now upgraded, but the same issue

ThePara, hi,
Thanks for the details.
Ive tried this, and done further experimentation.

The strange thing is that GPS position sensor data is being received by the transmitter, but no other sensor data is discovered (beyond the 4 coming directly from the receiver).

This works when SERIAL_OPTIONS at 7 with no diode, and tx on the serial port connected to s.port, or SERIAL_OPTIONS at 3 with a diode between tx and rx on the serial port.

It seems there is data flowing from the Durandal through the serial port through s.port on the receiver to the transmitter, otherwise the GPS position wouldnt appear on the Transmitter.

It makes me wonder if there is another parameter somewhere that needs to be set to have the flight controller send information from the rest of the telemetry sensors through the serial port. But I havent been able to find anything like that on any wiki.

Has anyone got any additional ideas, or managed to get telemetry data out of a Durandal?

Thanks in advance!

Jon, I just pulled out an Orange, loaded stable and connected. There’s a ton of stuff in SERIAL_OPTIONS that appeared out of thin air :slight_smile:
My info is a bit obsolete, it seems. Give me the weekend to play with the new settings. I have a Durandal available, so I can test stuff come monday. It’s linked via a Herelink so I had no need for FrSky Passthru, but I’ll be able to replicate on an identical FC.

Here is what you need:

SERIAL_1_PROTOCOL 10 (Sets protocol to FrSky Pass through)
SERIAL_1_BAUD 57 (Sets serial BAUD rate to 57600)

HINT: SERIAL_1_PROTOCOL 23 Sets the UART to accept an RCIN signal, not a digital data stream.

To use Yaapu telemetry scripts you MUST connect a telemety converter between the UART and the S.Port pins on the receiver.

One last thing. When you say, “In the wiki,” exactly which wiki are you referring to?

That’s obsolete. You’d only need the converter cable for the old F4 controllers (Pixhawk 1, Black Cube).
The F7s and H7s do the conversion (or part of it) internally.

I have to admit I don’t use an F7 or H7 FC, but I do have a question: What about the part that does not get converted?

Despite only being able to see one sensor (GPS) on the ‘discover sensors’ page, when I loaded Yaapu, it could somehow see everything! Not sure why the sensors dont show up on the telemetry page of the radio.

Having watched the videos like which said to make sure all the sensors were visible first, I hadn’t tried going further.

So here is what worked:
Tx on Telemetry 1 on Durandal connected directly to S.Port on receiver.
Serial1_Protocol 10
Serial1_Options 7
Serial1_Baud 57
No need for diodes or pull up resistors

Happy days!

Thanks very much for your input and help