Help testing Neopixels with Copter-4.5.0


We’ve got an outstanding issue that for at least one setup (that I have), the NeoPixels seem to not light up properly with Copter-4.5.0 while they work fine with 4.4.4.

I wonder if anyone who has NeoPixels on there vehicle if they could test they work OK with Copter-4.5.0?

In our testing so far the MatekSys Neopixels seem OK while these from Switch Science do not.

My settings may not be exactly the ones you are looking for but NeoPixel seems to work on versions 4.5.2 as they do on 4.4.0. The following are my settings. Note: I had to move the LED’s to the AUX RC ports because it would not work on the MAIN OUT ports.


  • LED Modules: WS2128B
  • FC: Cube Orange+
  • Airframe: Quad X

SETTINGS (note some extra (irrelevant info included):

  • BRD_PWM_VOLT_SEL: 0 (3.3V) vs 1 (5V)

  • NTF_LED_BRIGHT: 3 (high)

  • NTF_LED_LEN: 8 (how many LED’s)

  • NTF_LED_TYPES: 257 (added NeoPixel, NeoPixelRGB does not work), Default: 123079


  • SCR_ENABLE: 0 (vs. 1: enable Lua scripts), Default: 0

  • SERVO14_FUNCTION: 120 (NeoPixel1) (vs Lua Script1)

  • SERVO13_FUNCTION: 121 (NeoPixel2)

  • SERIAL6_PROTOCOL: 22 Default, (SLCAN)


  • PWM signal, 806kHz (average)
  • 36% DUTY CYCLE (average)
  • 3.3V output,
  • VCC=5V, powered by RC OUT.


  • RCOut: PWM:1-14

Hi @leadwellworks,

Excellent, thanks very much! Now that is a good beta testing response!

(I say this because we’ve struggled a lot for the past few releases getting enough beta testers and it’s become a discussion point at our weekly meetings).

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Note this was fixed in 4.5.2