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[Help] Telemetry Radio Suggestion


(Rjiun RK) #1


Can anybody suggest me a very long range 433 MHz Telemetry pair for Pixhawk 2.1 Cube?

Currently I’m having 3DR module of 500mW. But I need to communicate with my ArduPlane with maximum of 100 km without satellite communication.

I cannot use 900MHz because of rules and regulations in my country.

Thanks in Advance.
Good day.

(Hunt0r) #2

Flying your aircraft beyond your ability to see-and-control it is very dangerous. In the event of something going wrong, you may hurt someone.

(mike kelly) #3

RC Control and telemetry on one radio using 433mhz. Designed for your application with Ardupilot.

(Rjiun RK) #5

can anybody suggest me a satellite based communication like iridium for a research project?