Help some problem :(

Hi everyone . I am a beginner. Sorry for the complication. I had some problems today. I use Matek F405wing , GPS BN880 and oled 0.96 inch I2c.

  • I dont see " live calibrate " , i want to calibrate my compass.
  • i go to paralist , i change NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE 1 but my oled doent work.
    Thanks for helping. !

At the onboard mag calibration tab, click start. If it fails, set fitness to relaxed and try again.
Also this might help
If it doesn’t, double check your wiring.

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What is your OLED chip?
for SSD1306, NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE 0->1

for SH1106, NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE 0->2