(help) smoking motor

yesterday we are having our first flight with our quaddcopter.
we follow all the necessary steps and after configuring and calibrating all, when the throtle is almost at the center one of the motor suddenly make a rusting sound and started to smoke. the quadcopter is not yet lifting , after an hour we try it again and the motor is just working fine then suddenly the other motor started to smoke to.

all wiring are connected fine, wondering whats the problem

fc: apm2.8
rc: fs-i6
motor : gartt 920 kv
esc : 20A gartt esc
battery: ypg 11.1V 5500maH

thanks in advance

Check your motor mount screws to make sure one of them is not screwed in too far and touching the coil windings on the inside of the motor.

the motor mounts are good it is not touching the coil
does the battery suitable with the esc ?

can we still used the esc and motors?