Help setting up


i am slowly getting to grips with my APM 2.8 but have 2 queries:-

  1. I have plugged from my receiver the gear channel output to input port 7 (simple mode) on the APM 2.8
    when i calibrate the radio i see PWM values of 1112-1912 i.e. beyond 1800. If i then go into Flight modes i was expecting to see my selected mode switch into simple mode if i use the gear switch. but it doesn’t. Is my interpretation correct.

  2. General query on MAG offsets, i believe the MAG offset range is -150 to + 150 i have the below

MAG_OFS_X = -76
MAG_OFS_Y = -13

are these good ?

Ah do i need to go into standard params and set channel 7 to simple if thats possible ?

set channel 7 in standard params to simple mode but no change

Try this
You won’t see simple mode show up…I do not use ch 5 (Gear) At all
Us Ax’s and mix radio