Help, scary overcorrections! [SOLVED]

Hi, can someone take a quick look at my logs, I’m getting some pretty big overcorrections, it is happening after braking from forward filght(etc) in poshold mode, it also seems to do it after a gust of wind in stab mode. I had previously tuned rate_p down to .085 and left rate_i at .1 - now in this log I have brought rate_i down to .065 which seems to have helped a little - do I need to bring it down some more?

Running a tbs disco, dji 920kv 2212, 4s 4000 battery, 9443 carbon props.

I did try running an autotune the other day, but it took too long and I had to abort.

I am losing my nerve with this thing, and am worried this is a hardware issue?

Please help!

Not a particularly useful post, so the cheap chinese APM 2.8 got cut in 2 and thrown in the bin and I bought a pixhawk and wow my bird flys almost perfectly right ootb! (some yaw tweaking req.)