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Help: Run Aground Avoidance

Hello! I previously had a number of boats running prior versions of Ardurover that could use the sonar as a range finder to avoid running aground as described here:

However, 4.0 doesn’t seem to support this; I’ve tried bendy ruler but cannot seem to get it to work with a downward facing sonar. It does not react to shallower depths. Does anyone have any input? Is this possible or perhaps am I making a configuration mistake somewhere?

Perhaps I can change the orientation to forward instead of down?

I’ll go try this and report back.

That didn’t work. I can’t seem to get any effect from the rangefinder on navigation. I’ve read and reread the docs at Object Avoidance — Rover documentation (

I have an echosounder reporting range in NMEA sentences to the autopilot; I can see the readings as shown below; they are correct. It used to work on 3.5; I’ve tried a lot of settings combinations, but currently have it setup as follows: (4.5 KB)

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Is there is a bug or perhaps there some some “enable” box I forgot to check, maybe something else? I’m normally pretty good at sorting this stuff out but this one has me stumped.

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