Help! - Roll 180, Yaw 180 in MP?

Adding an external compass to my apm 2.5 on my quad and following the set-up instructions on the wiki page


To suit my installation I need roll 180, yaw 180 (or yaw 180, roll 180 I guess) same as mentioned in the wiki page. I cannot find that option in the drop down list on the set up page in MP. There is a yaw 180, but not in combination with roll, which is where it is needed.

Am I going mad, blind, or am I just plain stupid?


Why cant you rotate the compass on it by 180 degrees when you mount it then you will on need to set it 180 roll in mission planner.

I could, but the orientation I decided on came about from reading the wiki where it says roll 180 and yaw 180 are available as a combo which means I could mount upside down and with the cable exiting to the rear (ie backwards and upside down).

So unless I have missed something (quite possible) it seems that is not the case and I shall have to rethink my mounting position and cable run.

Now I understand what you want to do. Look at this thread. … rientation