Help please!

i have problem and i dont know wath to do

in mission planer i set take off pich angle 30 alt 2m

in next stem waypoint to 5m
then 2m and land 0m

and resalt is thath plane take thease 2m and than crash :S

it dont take next waypiont to 5m

please help ,and sorry for bad english

log files

Those waypoint altitudes are too low. GPS is generally only accurate to within a few meters so 2m could still be on the ground. When the plane banks it may also drop a bit of altitude and if your only a 2m it could easily hit the ground.
There are 5 log files in the link you provided. We only want the 1 that has the actual crash in it.
You need to be able to fly the plane in manual first, trim it out and then start the tuning process ( … arduplane/). Once that’s completed then set waypoints at reasonable alititudes.
Thanks, Grant.