Help please with flight mode after 3.1 upgrade


I have upgraded my APM 2.5 with 3.1 but have a flight mode issue.

When flying away from me in any flight mode, right is right and left is left.

When I yaw my hex to bring it back right is still right and left is still left - the controls are reversed.

I checked to make sure simple mode was not ticked in flight modes - and it isnt - it was prior to upgrade but not now. I have re-saved parameters and still have the same issue.

What am I doing wrong ? Help !!!

Tom, please post a log file its easier to help then.

Thanks but I am a relative beginner and I have no idea what that means or how to do that.
Can someone guide me please?

If you are using a telemetry radio to record the MavLink data stream from your multicopter, then there will be a tlog file of the flight in the Program Files(x86)/Mission Planner/log/QUADROTOR folder. Here are the Wiki instructions on how to download and analyze them: