! HELP Pixhawk 2 OSD Compatibility!

Which OSD/version is compatible with Pixhawk 2?

Have you had a success on setting it up? I’m having a hard problem displaying the correct altitude. I also ensured ALT_MIX is 1 using the baro sensor and tried changing the config.h for the OSD to use the baro.

Please help someone!!


which osd are you using?

every osd just reads the mavlink stream from the pixhawk, so it shouldn’t matter which hardware in particular you have. I’ve used micro minim osd, regular minim osd, both with the traditional software and the new one, the night_gost firmware which is very nice. I’ve used as well playuav osd, all with no problems at all.


Is there a connection or “pin-out” for the minim OSD to PH2.1 somewhere? I’m afraid I cannot find one //:disappointed_relieved:


It should be monitoring via mavlink through the FC and suspect its a code issue within MWOSD.

On FPVlab:
Does your altitude work out to be above sea level by any chance? That’s what mine is doing on pixhawk.

Shikra is looking into this already but is away for the next few days.