Help on single wire telemetry

I’m trying to have RPM telemetry so I can go to notch filter ‘INS_HNTCH_MODE, 3’
Bi-directional Dshot isn’t working on my FC Speedybeef4v3 freezes I2C if Bidirectional DShot is enabled

I’m confused about what should be the correct parameter settings after reading the docs and forum posts.
It’s possible to use Dshot and still have the single wire telemetry working?
I tried it using both Dshot and ‘normal’ mode but without success, ESC Rpm always 0 in the status page.

Besides parameters listed in the docs ESC Telemetry — Copter documentation should I set anything specific for SERVO_BLH_AUTO, SERVO_BLH_MASK? (anything more?).

I’m getting “ESC: Test FAILED” if I try SERVO_BLH_TEST, but motors are spinning and I can fly the drone in either Dshot or normal/PWM

The wires from FC and ESC board are connected (and there are ‘current’ and ‘telemetry’ wires listed in the connection). It helps if I just test in oscilloscope if there are signals flowing in the telemetry wire?

Telemetry UART is SERIAL5 in this FC stack (SpeedyBeeF4V3), and I have SERIAL5_PROTOCOL, 16
ESC firmware is BLHeli_S

Any tips?
actual.param (22.0 KB)

I think you have to flash the bluejay firmware, I’m unsure if that will solve the telemetry/data issue since I’ve never used those ESCs or BLHELI_S

Ok. I was using Bluejay previously and uploaded BLHELI_S trying to have it working. Hmm but I didn’t test ‘normal’ mode in Bluejay.

Pretty sure there is no support for telemetry over a UART in BLHeli_S/BlueJay and you cannot use bdshot on that board so you are out of luck I am afraid. You would need to pick different BLHeli32 ESCs.

Thanks for this information.
The FC stack user manual omit this. After my post discovered that’s listed on the site product description (at least) “ESC Telemetry - Not Supported”.