Help! No Outputsignal on px4 v2 autopilot

Hi Guys

I bought a Pixhawk from Banggood (link below), flashing the board via MissionPlanner works normally, also the board acts like everything is right. But if I connect a Servo or an ESC there is no respone. I then connected an oscilloscope and there is no PWM Signal. I then tried to flash older firmwares, at one point I got a correct PWM Signal, but when I rebooted it, the signal was gone again on all outputs.
Can it be that there is a firmware issue, or is it more likly that the board is funky?

Thanks for your help :wink:


have you check your safety switch ?

Will try it
Thanks a lot for the very fast help!!

as far as i know, there will be no signal from FC until the safety switch is turned off, or disabled by parameter. even you do force arm.

maybe you can try disable it in the parameter.