Help needed with tiltrotor setup

Hey everyone! I have a VTBird tiltrotor 4+1 + power combo (XUWING VTBIRD Tilt Rotor kits + Power Combo_VTBIRD 1.6M VTOL_VTBIRD 1.6M VTOL_XUWING/FINWING FPV UAV Aircraft) , and I am having trouble setting up the drone with the flight controller. I am using cube black and running ardupilot quadplane 4.4.2 on the device, and using mission planner to set it up. I followed everything on the ardupilot documentation for tiltrotors, but it’s not working. Currently mission planner is displaying the yaw pitch roll throttle inputs from rc, and the motors would turn when channel outputs are directly mapped to throttle, so I am fairly certain I have set up the hardware correctly. However, when the channel outputs are mapped to motor 1,2,3,4, they would not respond to the inputs from the RC, which is still in yaw pitch roll and throttle. Any advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated!

Did you download their tested parameter from their website? It should be a good starting point.

Good luck.