Help needed with the Sprite Drone Power Module!

Hi, I have the Sprite Drone from Ascent Aerosystems, the two coaxial propellers drone that was founded on Kickstarter. After an uncontrolled landing which did’nt generate any external damage, the drone doesn’t power up anymore with the battery, but responds ok when connected to Mission Planner using the bottom usb port.

So I think the Power Module is damaged and indeed opening the drone the board that receives power from the battery and goes to the ESC seems to be fried.

My problem is that I cannot identify the type of this Power Module. Differently from any other PM I found out in Goggle this one has an additional output port with a 14.8 and 5V output, see top left connection in the attached image. Bottom left port goes to the PX4. Does anyone know with kind of beast is this? Is this a proprietary module by Ascent?
I asked of course for their support but unfortunately didn’t receive any feedback, so far, googled everywhere and didn’t find anything similar.

Any help will be welcome!

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