Help Needed to check my logs for vibration.!

I have been flying in stabilize and ALT HOLD very well with such stable flights. I want to try GPS modes. Not sure if my vibrations are good enough. Attached log.

Someone pls when you have time have a look to see if I can attempt GPS


Not able to check your log right now, but if AccX and AccY is within +3 and -3 and AccZ within -5 to -15 you should be fine.

Check … vibration/

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The vibrations are around +5 -5 is that automatically a no no ?

I would say so, just based on the recommendations in the manual. As the computer in your FC cant distinguish between input origin, in this case vibration or vehicle general movement, any vibration will interfere with the flight calculations.

However 1: If it flies well in AltHold, I’m guessing it might do so also with lateral navigation engaged (i.e. GPS). I think it would be good if a more skilled person in this matter could confirm this.

However2: I usually try new things with a very high alertness to switch back to StabiliseMode. I would definitely give it a try, to switch over to
Loiter mode and be super ready to quickly flipp back to stabilize and also be ready to compensate for any crazy manoeuvre caused by Loiter mode. Just make sure your Hdop is good before trying, 2.0 and below. (You’ll find Hdop in the quick reference below the artificial horizon on your computer. If you don’t have telemetry, just hook up a laptop before flight and unhook when you can confirm your Hdop. Hdop is as far as I understand, a value of the GPS satellites geometrical distribution around your UAV, for giving best positioning accuracy, to put it simple)

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