Help needed to analyse crash (solved)

I’m hoping that the gurus can help me with this unusual crash I had with my fixed wing a couple of days ago. The plane basically fell out the sky on landing approach in FBWA. Struggling to decipher the log. Went down just before the 10min mark. Strange thing is that as the plane went into a roll, the desired roll flat lined, causing the plane to spiral to the ground. I’ve done extensive ground testing after the crash and everything seems normal.
I’ve been flying this airframe for more than 5 years using a Pixhawk FC, so very familiar with it. Would really appreciate some help on this. Please see log attached.

Didn’t it just stalled ? The airspeed goes all time low just before the roll began.

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Agree with @Eosbandi, it looks like a simple stall. Reasons for my hypothesis:

8m/s is pretty slow for most aircraft, and I see the cruise airspeed is around 16m/s.
The pitch is pretty high right before the stall (~15 degrees)
The pitch oscillates up and down quickly right before the rollover (stall buffeting effects as the airspeed decreased)
No throttle was applied until the stall started, and when it was applied, it was too late. Almost like the pilot noticed the slow airspeed but was too slow to react.

Sorry for the loss.

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Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
This is what I suspected, but needed confirmation.