Help Needed! Restricting Ardupilot to connect to only one telemetry

Hi all. I have a Drone which is running perfect with Cube Orange and Skydroid H12 as telemetry. But due to some official govt. certificate restrictions, my client has asked me to make it so that only 1 telemetry can be used on over the Cube. I do not mean one at a time, I mean that only one Skydroid with QGC installed can be used as telemetry on a particular Cube on a drone.

For this my starting idea is

  1. To either add an additional verification kinda message in Mavlink communication between QGC and Ardupilot which if not received or not matched, ardupilot refuses to send first set of parameter list to QGC.

  2. QGC’s communication process is to get all parameters first before starting to work as a telemetry device at user front and the message it sends over Mavlink is “PARAM_REQUEST_LIST”, which has a n id of 21 w.r.t Ardupilot. So may, I can just change this ID to some other number which is un-used in any other MAVLINK message and hence any other telemetry will just broadcast “21” for param list and get rejected automatically by ardupilot.

Above ideas a just a first set of digging up and getting ideas, please ignore if they are stupid. Looking for help and a direction.

Hi @justvijit

Have you ever tried Mavlink signing? I have never used it, but it seems to have the same purpose you need:

Not sure if QGC already has this feature, but it can be a good starting point for you…

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Hi @BrunoBagarini , thanks for replying. Qgroundcontrol doesnt supports mavlink signing yet. Seems this feature is only supported in Mission Planner.

I did some research and found out that this feature was once worked upon, but then was never finished.

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Try an inquiry post on the Discord QGC channel.

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Maybe you can find the branch where it was implemented and work out to finish this feature and contribute it back

Hi @justvijit Can you please tell how did you achieve this? I am also trying to do the same.