Help Needed on QGC Audio Speech Alerts for Android

Good day

I need help on activating QGC Audio Speech Alerts. At the moment am using a Huawei Mate 20 Lite with Android 10 on it and QGroundControl 4.0.6. All warnings and messages are been displayed but with no audio speech.

Hi @Vida29er, if I remember correctly, after you open QGC, open the Android settings and under sounds or similar you shall see a separate volume for QGC, turn all volumes up until you find your comfort levels

Hi Gal thx for the reply, I have try to find the volume setting for QGC on my phone but can only see all the phone normal volume setting. I have turn up all the the volume but still no sound is coming from QGC…

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Sorry @Vida29er, I was sure I saw it but now I looked and it is not there.
Can you make sure that your settings for Mute all audio is not checked

Yes, no checked on the mute…

The exact same thing is happening with the Skydroid Tower app.

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Well, I use both gcs and I am using an 8” Lenovo running Android 10 I think.
Maybe try to re install? I am not an Android guru and never had an issue on that.

Which would tend to indicate it is a problem with your tablet or tablet settings as opposed to QGC or Tower app.

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Thx Gal for your help, I will reinstall my apps and go from there. :+1:t2:

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