Help needed for wiring for a Matek H743-WLITE to Holybro telemetry radio

Evening all.

Please bear with me as I’m new to all this. I have recently purchased the Holybro telemetry radio and I’m trying to wire it up to a Matek H743-WLITE but not sure where the 6 wire goes. The holybro unit has a GND, RTS, CTS, TX, RX AND 5V while the flight controller has a seried of pinouts that include RTS7, CTS7 etc.

Can someone put in simple terms for a simpleton like me and say “attach CTS from Holybro to CTS7 flight controller” for each cable (and anything else you think I might need to know) as I’m at a bit of a loss.

I’ve heard these things can draw a bit of current so is it worth powering these things from a source that is not the FC and (you guess it) how.

Last question, does it matter which radio goes in the aircraft and which goes the PC/missionplanner?

Sorry for the annoying questions.

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The TX and RX are “crossed”
TX of one → RX of the other
RX of one → TX of the other

The CTS and RTS are “straight through”

GND to GND obviously…

The 5v can come from an external “BEC” which is the term for a Battery Eliminator Circuit (or power supply in old fashioned terms). So you’d need a BEC for 5v 1amp at least - preferably 3amps since you might be able to use it for other things. The BEC must be able to handles your battery voltage input.
For example, not all BECs can handle a 6 cell Lipo battery.
The GND of the BEC must be connected to the flight controller and radio GND so they are all common.

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Wonderful, thank you very much.

Hello everyone! I hope everything is good.

I am currently working on my first build and I am feeling quite lost. I have several questions regarding the Wiring. Firstly, would I need a BEC if I am using a Pixhawk 6c and a Holybro SiK telemetry module set? Additionally, I am using a LiDAR, specifically the “TFmini Plus Uart Indoor version”, an electronic speed sensor, and a gimbal. I understand that the LiDAR goes into a Telemetry port, but I am unsure of where to connect the airspeed sensor and the gimbal. Would I require another BEC for the LiDAR as well? Do I need to connect it to the Telemetry radio? Furthermore, I am uncertain about whether I should connect my RC receiver to the DSM or PPM/SBUS port and how to do it. I am using a Radiomaster RP1 ELRS receiver, which apparently requires a true UART connection. Finally, I have included a simplistic wiring map to provide a general idea of all components, I need to know if it makes sense so far. I apologize for the number of questions, but I am very new to this and would greatly appreciate any help or input you can provide to improve my understanding before I start actually connecting stuff.