Help me tune 23" Quad

I have been facing issues with the Harmonic notch filter before proceeding with the autotune.
Following are the specifications of my quad :

  1. Cube orange+
  2. Here 3 gps
  3. Hobbywing X6 motors 180kv
  4. 6S 16Ah orange battery
  5. X frame 1200mm

2023-10-18 13-48-02.bin
Note : observed potential thrust loss multiple times

Reduce the weight of the vehicle, or improve it’s power train (ESCs, motors, propellors)

Hi @amilcarlucas the TOW is 9kg, so you are saying the present power train is not enough to lift this weight ?
Please go through the log

OK, it’s underpowered/overweight and you have a mechanical Yaw bias. some motors are at Max with the average PWM output ~1800us. Hence the Thrust Loss messages.

hi @dkemxr i agree may be its underpowered as i am using 6s 16000 mah battery
can you tell me the main reason for mechanical yaw bias, is that due to structure related issues like twisting arm or motor level ?
i can see the vibes are decent and even the motors are levelled properly
so what do you think the reason might be ?

Yes, in almost all cases this is the cause.
It’s very underpowered at that weight, it’s not a viable thrust/weight.

yes, that is what I meant.

Your motor set clearly needs a 12S battery.

Please address the motor imbalance (probably twist) first and then add another 6S batt in series.

hi @Dimitris_Stefanakis can you suggest me a best way to level the motors
am levelling using a leveler and still the motor outputs are varying

Hi @Vinaygowda
there are two easy ways:

A. If your boom to frame holders are level (no dihedral), you can place your drone upside down, with the motor faces touching flat on 4 even surfaces with the bolts of the X6 loose. Once all faces touch evenly then you tight the mount screws

B. If your booms have dihedral.
1. You mount all the props
2. place them perpendicular to the Arm/Boom
3. Close one eye and place the other aligned looking through the prop mount to the distant prop mount and start moving backwords until
4. You can see the Tip of each close blade "touching the prop mount center of the other two motors.

     5.  If you mounted the motors twisted then you can easily check if the tip is below or above the corresponding prop mount 

    6. repeat for all motors twice



thank you @Dimitris_Stefanakis I was amazed by your level of explanation
Its very much helpful for me and for many
thanks again :blush: