Help me to stop debate of the AGL

*you can skip this background story to the point of the question

Gentlemen, there are some peoples who (i’m not blame them actually i admire their concern) always critics when they seen my altitude too high, but i’m sure they just “lost focus” because IMO there are no reason to make any argument when they try to look around where the plane are, sure it too high (400meters) but if they knew / realise the altitude wrote are from home location, but not at where the plane fly (under 100meters from ground) i’m tired to confice them about it

The questions is …
is there any instrument to show how high the plane (at present) with ground under it?

There are some parameters for terrain height in the parameter list to be shown in OSD:
Put terrain data in the SD card using here:
Also you might need to configure some terrain parameters:

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Great !! thank you !!
but unfortunately i don;t fine that parameter on the OSD

is that because i still use 4.0.x ?
if so, is there any alternative?
because for some reason i still comfort to stay with version under 4.1.x

*i’m sorry to make a confusing with posting in this 4.1 thread, i though it will a good idea to post on most active thread :slightly_smiling_face:

*fyi i’m familiar using terrain data so it’s not a big problem for me

Yes, it is introduced in 4.1.0.

I don’t think there is.

As long as you are using the stable version you will not likely see any issues.

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thank you! hopefully there’s will be another way beside displaying only in the OSD, actually i don’t mind with no realtime display, i just want to show the “fact” how high our plane fly at certain location with the accurate data, with 3rd anaylize tools like on it will quite enough, just a matter of time :slight_smile: )

Thanks again Mustafa, i really appreciate with those response !!

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I don’t care about the 400m, I want to know what plane this is that did 120km in 45 minutes! :smiley:

:lol again my bad

please skip to 02:50 i wrote that number are not valid :slightly_smiling_face:

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36km is still respectable. :grin: