Help me please. Bait boat

Hello. Can you recommend me a controller or more for the bait boat that should be as simple as possible. Not to have any integrated sensor. To have an input port for receiver ia6b, sens, servo and gps module and 4 output ports for engine, rudder and 2 tanks.

What does “simple” mean to you? Don’t know what you mean by no integrated sensor. All Flight Controllers have many sensors.

As simple as possible. No integrated gps, gyro, accel, altimeter. Just to attach what I need

You are in the wrong place then. Ardupilot requires gyro’s, accelerometers and a barometer on the flight controller.

All controlers that support ardupilot has sensors built in. You would need to make your own with an arduino or something. And write your own code, which would make it very complicated.

The simplest solution is actually to use a controler woth all sensors integrated.

And also, if you want to use gps for guidance, you’ll want some other sensors to like compass.

Luckily, a controler has that built in

“Simple” would be to not use a Flight Controller at all and just connect the motor ESC and servo’s to an RC Receiver directly.

Then a more basic controller to support fs ia6b for bait boat?

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Check out Ardupilot supported Flight Controllers from Matek and Holybro.