Help making DEV request - aux port "low" on initial power up

I’m not exactly sure where to place this - so I’ll start here and ask for guidance to move it to a better place if necessary.

There’s quite a bit of discussion about AUX port being “high” when power is initially applied to a CubePilot carrier board. According to Philip Rowse, this is a software issue.

I admit to being surprised that this might be a software issue - as the AUX port being “high” is at initial application of power - way before ArduPilot boots up.

But assuming Philip is correct, unless there is a parameter that I’ve missed that controls the state of the AUX ports on initial power up - can it be requested that this be added to ArduPilot?

As info, the reason for this request is if an AUX port is used for a camera shutter, then the shutter is commanded at power up. This isn’t perhaps a problem if the camera is programed for still photos. (just one extra photo captured) But if it’s programmed for video recording, it’s a potentially a problem as the recording starts too early.

Thank you.

Appears to be a continuation of this Rover-4.2 topic:

Yes - it does seem to be the same issue.

The Rover thread ends on Oct. 29th. Has there been any more discussion?

The Rover thread stated or implied that the boot loader was the software at issue.

I know little about boot loaders.

It would be interesting to know who writes the one that CubePilot installs on the Orange Cube.

Seems to me that our discussions should be with them.

Interesting that the issue stems from a safety concern with helicopters. Maybe helicopters should have a different boot loader for their application.

I’m a little disappointed that the discussion fizzled after I found a workaround. Maybe this will reinvigorate it. I think it is indeed a bootloader “feature,” and I have never dealt with one before, so I have no recommendations as to who to contact. Maybe @rmackay9 can continue to assist?

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