Help Log Crash PixHawk 2.1

Hi Everyone

I been having the same problems with my drones. The problem is always the same, normal flying, and then, the drone start do go down, not very fast, but fast enought tho damadge it. No matter what I do to try to go the drone UP, keep falling.

After the crush, I turn it on, and all system are normals…

Pls I really need you help

I have change the ESC for another brand, thinking may be was the problem, but the same. This is the 4 or 6 drone with the same behavor. Im looking the logs, but I really cant find the problem…

This flight took almost 15 seconds… then start to fail… In the flight you will see I was moving the drone right to left, that was a deliver movement. Meanwhile I was doing that, the drone start to fall. As soon as the drone start to fall, I change to Stabilize and full throttle (i was in loiter FM), but no change, any way the drone fall.

Before that, i was flying for 30 minutes, doing the same, and no problem, I just change the battery and start over again.

this is the log

A quick look at the log indicates motor 4 and/or motor 6 is losing thrust as both outputs go to max.

thanks, I apreciatte your help. You know yesterday I flew almos 1.5 hours with no problems (3 20000 mha batteries, one after the one with no brakes to the drone ), today before the crash 30 minutes more, and the, 15 flight second and go down. After that I run the drone and works just fine. No loses cables, no burned ESC, no smelly motors, works just fine.

What do you think it can be the root problem? Do you think it can be an energy problem? for example, do you think a bad connection betwen the XT90 conectors could be the problem ( havent connected complete)?


You can see here where the motors 2 and 6 (sorry not 4 and 6) are going to max output and the other motors are reduced to maintain stability.

I did notice your desired yaw and actual yaw were deviating for a short while before this

This could be anything from loose props to bad ESC’s or motors.
Your power usage is consistent and does not show any sudden drop in amps or increase in voltage that would accompany a break in the power circuit.