Help is there a simple way to remove the e-clips, retaining ring

What is the correct or simplest method of removing the clips at bottom of gear shaft . I have had luck prying them off using a eyeglass screw driver in past but I think it was pure luck , I have retains ring pliers but they seem useless. All parts have arrived to get 2 of my the 3 birds airborne with new motors and gears , but I can’t get the eclips off . No decent YouTube videos that I could find except maybe the fishing line thing . Anyone help out a cranky old clueless man please!

I have several sets of mini drivers from Rat Shack of the 70’s. I found a micro Philips ground it to a angled flat point for other uses works great for what you want.

I just use a pair of needle nose pliers…

Thanks for the tips ! Lordneeko ,do you push the clip off with pliers or grab at rear and pull off ?

grab at the rear. you know, kinda at a very slight angle so that one tip is touching the clip and the other touching the edge…though, sometimes i just use a tiny flat head to pull them off…but that runs the risk of it flying off to oblivion…but it works.

Cool managed to get new from Sky Rocket , a motor and gear replaced on SV #2 . Right front , it’s second time in only a few dozen flights that the motor chewed the hell out of the gears . It still feels like it’s binding every now and then when you spin it by hand . I did motor test at 30 and 50 % power and other motors all seem fine as does the repair. Should I calibrate it ? I have never had any luck getting the mutilaxis calibration to work for me and have only ever just used the quick static gyro calibration every now and then with few issues .

It’s typical, for me at least, to have to run the multiaxis calibration multiple times to get a good completion. Sometimes it may just go one or two steps then freeze and I have to start over. I use a tablet to connect to the quad for this. I also notice once I reboot the quad after the calibration it seems to take a full 5 mins for it to show the EKF as Good

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Dude I just tried it before I checked your reply . And like magic it worked , I use tablet and struggle with connection issues some times as well. I am still worked about gear lash not feeling right with hand spinning props . Headed out now for first air test . Wish me luck

Check the pinion gear. I had an older SV that I inspected for the same. Found two pinions that had a split. It was so slight it was barely visible. I had to wait for some generic ones to arrive to replace but once I did they spun smooth again. It would fly with the cracked ones but they were noisier and shakier than the others.

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I usually use a small pair of Good Sidecutters to grip them with to remove and A Good pair of Small Hemostats to put them back on with… It’s just the easiest way that I’ve found