Help in various questions with Mission Planner Novato

Very happy to be part of this community.

On this occasion I bring several questions regarding the planner mission.

  1. In what section can I identify the number of satellites that are connected to the dron?
  2. How can I configure the APM so that if not home or connected to x amount of GPS do not arm engines?
  3. How do I fix the error command command denied by the autopilot motor test. What do I get when I test the engines?

Well again I apologize for the grammar but I do not speak English and Google translations may be inaccurate.

Muy contento de formar parte de esta comunidad.
En esta ocasión traigo varias interrogantes con relación al misión planner.

  1. ¿en qué apartado puedo identificar la cantidad de satélites que están conectados al dron?
  2. ¿Cómo puedo configurar la APM para que si no casa o se conecta a x cantidad de GPS no arme motores?
  3. ¿Cómo corrijo el error error command was denied by the autopilot motor test. Que me sale al realizar el test de motores?

Bueno nuevamente me disculpo por la gramática pero es que no hablo inglés y las traducciones de Google pueden ser inexactas.

  1. You can see the satellite count on the bottom left corner of your flight data screen.

  2. Arducopter has a good arming check setup. Read more here -

I don’t understand your third question. Could you explain in more detail?

hope this helped!

  1. You need to press the safety switch to allow the signal to reach the motors for the motor test.

Hello friend, where is the switch you mentioned.
I leave pictures of the error that comes to me.
Greetings friends.

He’s talking about the hardware safety switch -

APM uses that
Sorry but I got lost, I thought this switch was not placed on drones with APM
greetings and thanks

Hola Cacho,
la APM no lleva safety switch, cual controladora tenes?
De donde sos?

Ardupilot 2.8 y soy de américa central.

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Hello friends, can someone help me to identify why the error command was denied by the autopilot motor test.
I have tried everything and nothing.
Greetings and thanks.