Help identifying power module - battery monitor - please

Hi, I bought a pixhawk kit online which came with many components, including the power module to monitor the battery. Can someone kindly point out to me what model it is, and what exactly to select in Mission Planner to get the most accurate readings out of it. Mission Planner presents a long list of power modules to pick from, and I don’t know which one to select. Thanks.

Good day, you have the standard apm/pixhawk ,power module.
On MP under battery monitor you have to set it as APM 2.5+ no 3dr power module… and in the advanced parameters tree you have to set it all the values needed corresponding to your battery.

Thank you - that works. I do see I need another tool to measure current and use it for calibration… but in the mean time, measuring volts on the battery charger to calibrate the power module’s voltage reading worked. Cheers!

You don’t need anything other than a charger that gives you charged mah, which they all do pretty much, and logged consumption.
New amps per volt = (old amps per volt * charged mah) / logged mah

Do this for a few flights and the current calibration will be very close.