HELP. HK pilot Can not GPS lock with uBlocks 6m or neo m8n

Pretty much sums it up.

Thought my Neo 6m was faulty as one day I started my HKpilot and just could not get gps lock. The bought a cuav M8n and my quad has now been on for at least 20 minutes and just can not get a GPS lock.

It used to work perfectly. Is there a way that I can see if the GPS is even being picked up by the HK pilot?

So 3 hours later i have decided to do a 2x gps setup

Serial Port 3 = Baud 38, Protocol 5
Serial Port 4/5 = Baud 38, protocal 5

GPS_GNSS_MODE 64 (GLONASS). Will switch to GPS
GPS_INJECT_TO 127 = Send to all
GPS_TYPE 1& 2 Auto

Both gps devices indicate power On the neo 6m the blue power light is on but the green gps light keep on blinking

Ont the Quav M8n the power light comes on and then starts blinking

It seems that both GPS units are blinking and that mean they have a GPS lock. So the GPS seem to be working. You need to look at the GPS status parameter and see if its above 0. If the GPS status is 0 then you know its not communicating with the pixhawk. You might want to check that your TX and RX wires are the right way around.